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Thanks for stopping by! I know why you're here: you want to help your four-legged buddies live their best lives here in Austin, TX. Pets with orthopedic or neurologic disease, pets who have had surgery, senior pets, and canine athletes are some examples of pets who need a little extra TLC.

I use physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, and laser therapy to provide an integrative approach alongside traditional therapies for decreasing pain and increasing the quality of life of your pets. Mobile, in-home services allow for low-stress and personalized treatment of your pets in the comfort of your own home or office. So let's partner up to restore and maintain your pet's comfort, strength, coordination, and happy times!

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Our Services

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physical rehabilitation

Help your pet regain their independence with a focus on managing pain, building strength, and improving coordination through manual therapies and home exercises.

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integrative therapy

  • Acupuncture and laser therapy will help to improve your pet's comfort during recovery from surgery or acute injury, or as maintenance for chronic arthritis and neurologic conditions.
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in Home euthanasia

  • Find peace in your pet's passing with a gentle, low-stress home euthanasia.

Meet the Vet

Dr. Jenna Scibilia is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school. She has extensive experience in emergency and critical care for dogs and cats, and through additional training in animal acupuncture and physical rehabilitation has found a true joy in improving the quality of life of dogs and cats. Your pet will love having a house call vet visit from Dr. Jenna!

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Dr Scibilia Vet Around Town Mobile Vet

"FANTASTIC! Acupuncture for my 11 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd - He actually snoozed away while having needles placed. Non-Invasive way to save his hips." - Debbie Z

canine rehabilitation

"Dr. Jenna is the best! My sweet girl is an almost 13 year old goldendoodle with arthritis in her back and neck. We started doing acupuncture a few months ago and it has helped her mobility and pain control. She is 13 but acts so much younger! Dr. Jenna is so sweet to my girl. She looks forward to her spa days with Dr. Jenna. Highly recommend!" - Haley K

dog acupuncture

"Dr. Jenna is extremely patient and kind to even our scarediest cats. We'll never use another vet - HIGHLY RECOMMEND! LOVE LOVE LOVE!" - Lani R

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