+ How Do Housecalls Work With COVID-19?

Veterinary care is considered an essential service during the pandemic. Both general practice and emergency veterinary clinics have been experiencing unprecedented demand during this time, leading to long wait times and restricted access to clinics. Housecall services come with an increased level of risk to veterinarians & staff, so we must continually decide how to adapt to the current situation as new information becomes available. Below are the most recent updates to our protocol:

- Dr Jenna is completely vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask to all appointments.

- Outdoor appointments are encouraged whenever possible. Dogs should be kept on leash, with their favorite treats readily available. Masks are optional for vaccinated clients, and strongly recommended for unvaccinated clients.

- Indoor appointments can be scheduled with masks optional for vaccinated humans (mandatory for unvaccinated humans). Children and immunocompromised humans should not be present if at all possible.

  • - Clients must disclose BEFORE making an appointment if anyone in the home is sick with any potentially contagious illness, quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or is awaiting results from a recent test. If anyone in the home tests positive AFTER our appointment please contact us.

+ Can Rehabilitation & Integrative therapies help my pet?

I strongly believe that rehabilitation is essential for any pet. Whether they're a couch potato or a competitive athlete, we need to ensure that they are comfortable, strong, and able to do their favorite activities. Rehab is also great for cats! We want to keep them jumping onto the bed to take up your pillow space, zooming around the house early in the morning, chasing bugs, and properly using the litter box. Many cats are food motivated and think that rehab is fun!

I'm always amazed at how effective acupuncture & laser therapy can be for pets, especially for reducing pain and improving nerve function. Most dogs tolerate integrative therapy very well, in fact many of them will snooze right through their treatments. I even have some feline patients regularly receiving integrative therapies! Acupuncture & laser are non-invasive, painless, have very few side effects, and can be used alongside traditional therapies.

+ How can I prepare for my pet's Rehab appointment?

You will need to complete the Appointment Request form and provide us with your pet's full medical records prior to scheduling. Because I am a licensed veterinarian I do not require a referral prior to treatment, but I do encourage open communication between your pet's veterinary team.

For the visit, we'll need access to a quiet, calm area as well as a larger open space. I'll start by observing your pet's movement patterns and assessing their comfort, strength, and flexibility. Please have a collar and leash on your dog to keep them with us (squirrel!), and cats should be kept inside in an area with no hiding places.

Treatments can include acupuncture, laser, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercises. Some treatments and exercises can look like I'm just petting and playing with your dog or cat, and that's what makes them love my visits so much! I'll bring some yummy treats to occupy and motivate your pet if needed, but please let me know if there is any type of food that needs to be avoided such as peanut butter or certain meat flavors. Your participation in the visit is much appreciated, to help with your pet's cooperation as well as to learn the home exercises that you'll be doing between our visits.

Please note that acupuncture will not be offered apart from a full rehabilitation program except in pets with specific conditions, at my discretion. I strongly feel that acupuncture and rehabilitation often work synergistically in many orthopedic and neurologic conditions, and your pet deserves all of the tools available to keep them feeling their best!

+ How can I prepare for my home euthanasia appointment?

First, fill out the appointment request form online so that we can confirm an appointment date and time. Prior to the appointment, we will send you a link to complete a consent form, along with an invoice to pay online. With all administrative aspects done ahead of time, we are able to focus completely on you and your pet during the visit.

At the appointment we will discuss what to expect with all steps of the visit. Having your pet's most favorite treats or even some special human food ready can help distract them from the initial little pinch of the sedation injection. If they are no longer eating, soothing praise and pets are always a good thing. Have a spot in mind where you would like this to be done - on a soft blanket, outside in the sun, up on their favorite couch - but be flexible with your pet if they'd rather relax on the cool tile or in the shade. To minimize stress for cats, they should be prevented from hiding under or behind furniture.

Family members are welcome to be present for as much or as little of the appointment as they'd like - there is no right or wrong. Some people prefer to say goodbye ahead of time, others stay just until their pet is fully asleep, and others want to remain with their pet through the entire visit. Family pets are welcome to be present if they are friendly with strangers, otherwise they should be kept out of the area until after the euthanasia is complete.

Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns regarding the home euthanasia visit.

+ why choose a mobile vet?

A mobile vet is the perfect option for anyone wanting the convenience of having their dogs and cats examined and treated at home. Those who work from home, have busy family lives, have difficulty transporting their pet, or who want to avoid the traffic and waiting room, find mobile veterinarians a great fit for their family. We find home visits especially beneficial for senior and geriatric pets, pets with terminal illnesses, and pets who have recently had surgery.

+ will you travel to my home outside of Austin?

We are generally able to travel to most areas within North/Central Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Bee Cave, and Lakeway. We are NOT currently able to take on new patients in South Austin, Buda, San Marcos, Dripping Springs, Lago Vista, or Georgetown, though we can sometimes travel to these areas for end-of-life care. To discuss scheduling a visit, reach out!

+ Do You Offer Same-Day Appointments?

We reserve appointment slots daily for pets needing end of life care. For best availability, contact us at the start of business hours.

If your pet is having a medical emergency, please contact the closest 24-hour emergency hospital:

  • Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (AVES): 512-343-2837; austinvets.com
  • Central Texas Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (CTVSEH): 512-892-9038; ctvseh.com
  • Pet Specialists of Austin: 737-241-5756; petspecialists.com

+ What is the cost of an appointment?

Physical Rehabilitation & Acupuncture/Laser Therapy

Total costs for rehab and integrative therapies will vary depending on your location in the Austin area, your dog or cat's condition, and their response to treatment.

After an initial evaluation visit, we'll plan follow-up visits in groups of four sessions. This will allow us to evaluate your dog or cat's progress on a routine basis and ensure that we are continually working towards your goals for their comfort and function.

A combination of acupuncture, laser therapy, manual therapies, and rehab exercises will be used at each visit, depending on what your pet needs on that particular day.

Home Euthanasia

Includes a brief exam/consultation, heavy sedation, and gentle euthanasia. Charges start at $225 and will vary depending on weight. A housecall fee based on your location will apply to each visit.

If you'd like for us to handle aftercare, we can arrange for cremation services through Fond Memories. Charges for cremation start at $125 and will vary depending on weight and your choice for type of cremation.

Additional charges apply for same day/urgent appointments.

+ Will you see aggressive pets?

Yes and no. We will see anxious/aggressive pets needing home euthanasia, with proper precautions in place. If your pet has bitten a human recently, please let us know so that we can discuss additional steps in our plan. In most cases we are not able to see aggressive or very nervous pets for integrative therapies since this requires us to be touching the pet for extended periods of time, likely increasing their stress levels rather than decreasing them. You can discuss with your primary vet whether pre-visit medications could help to lower their anxiety enough to allow for treatment.

+ can you be my pet's regular vet?

Due to the time restraints of housecall visits, we are no longer offering services for routine or illness care. Our current services are meant to complement the treatments and diagnostics performed by your primary and specialist veterinarians, so you will need to maintain a relationship with your regular vet (at least one exam per year) for routine and urgent care.

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