+ How can I prepare for my home euthanasia appointment?

First, fill out the appointment request form online so that we can confirm an appointment date and time. Prior to the appointment, we will send you a link to complete a consent form, along with an invoice to pay online. With all administrative aspects done ahead of time, we are able to focus completely on you and your pet during the visit.

At the appointment we will discuss what to expect with all steps of the visit. Having your pet's most favorite treats or even some special human food ready can help distract them from the initial little pinch of the sedation injection. If they are no longer eating, soothing praise and pets are always a good thing. Have a spot in mind where you would like this to be done - on a soft blanket, outside in the sun, up on their favorite couch - but be flexible with your pet if they'd rather relax on the cool tile or in the shade. To minimize stress for cats, they should be prevented from hiding under or behind furniture.

Family members are welcome to be present for as much or as little of the appointment as they'd like - there is no right or wrong. Some people prefer to say goodbye ahead of time, others stay just until their pet is fully asleep, and others want to remain with their pet through the entire visit. Family pets are welcome to be present if they are friendly with strangers, otherwise they should be kept out of the area until after the euthanasia is complete.

Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns regarding the home euthanasia visit.