+ How can I prepare for my pet's Rehab appointment?

You will need to complete the Appointment Request form and provide us with your pet's full medical records prior to scheduling. Because I am a licensed veterinarian I do not require a referral prior to treatment, but I do encourage open communication between your pet's veterinary team.

For the visit, we'll need access to a quiet, calm area as well as a larger open space. I'll start by observing your pet's movement patterns and assessing their comfort, strength, and flexibility. Please have a collar and leash on your dog to keep them with us (squirrel!), and cats should be kept inside in an area with no hiding places.

Treatments can include acupuncture, laser, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercises. Some treatments and exercises can look like I'm just petting and playing with your dog or cat, and that's what makes them love my visits so much! I'll bring some yummy treats to occupy and motivate your pet if needed, but please let me know if there is any type of food that needs to be avoided such as peanut butter or certain meat flavors. Your participation in the visit is much appreciated, to help with your pet's cooperation as well as to learn the home exercises that you'll be doing between our visits.

Please note that acupuncture will not be offered apart from a full rehabilitation program except in pets with specific conditions, at my discretion. I strongly feel that acupuncture and rehabilitation often work synergistically in many orthopedic and neurologic conditions, and your pet deserves all of the tools available to keep them feeling their best!