+ How Do Housecalls Work With COVID-19?

Veterinary care is considered an essential service during the pandemic. Both general practice and emergency veterinary clinics have been experiencing unprecedented demand during this time, leading to long wait times and restricted access to clinics. Housecall services come with an increased level of risk to veterinarians & staff, so we must continually decide how to adapt to the current situation as new information becomes available. Below are the most recent updates to our protocol:

- Dr Jenna is completely vaccinated but will continue to wear a mask to all appointments.

- Outdoor appointments are encouraged whenever possible. Dogs should be kept on leash, with their favorite treats readily available. Masks are optional for vaccinated clients, and strongly recommended for unvaccinated clients.

- Indoor appointments can be scheduled with masks optional for vaccinated humans (mandatory for unvaccinated humans). Children and immunocompromised humans should not be present if at all possible.

  • - Clients must disclose BEFORE making an appointment if anyone in the home is sick with any potentially contagious illness, quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or is awaiting results from a recent test. If anyone in the home tests positive AFTER our appointment please contact us.