+ What is the cost of an appointment?

Physical Rehabilitation & Acupuncture/Laser Therapy

Total costs for rehab and integrative therapies will vary depending on your location in the Austin area, your dog or cat's condition, and their response to treatment.

After an initial evaluation visit, we'll plan follow-up visits in groups of four sessions. This will allow us to evaluate your dog or cat's progress on a routine basis and ensure that we are continually working towards your goals for their comfort and function.

A combination of acupuncture, laser therapy, manual therapies, and rehab exercises will be used at each visit, depending on what your pet needs on that particular day.

Quality Of Life Consultation / Hospice Care

It's so hard to know when is the right time to say goodbye to your best friend, and we're here to help. At this visit (approximately 60 minutes long) I will review your pet's medical history, perform a full physical examination, and discuss how to monitor your pet's quality of life. We can talk about the expected disease progression, possible treatment options to maintain your pet's comfort, and can help you make a plan for home euthanasia when the time is right. Pets should have a known diagnosis from your primary or specialty veterinarian in order for us to make a proper assessment.

$220 + housecall fee (based on your location)

Home Euthanasia

Includes a brief exam/consultation, heavy sedation, and gentle euthanasia. Charges start at $225 and will vary depending on weight. A housecall fee based on your location will apply to each visit.

If you'd like for us to handle aftercare, we can arrange for cremation services through Fond Memories. Charges for cremation start at $125 and will vary depending on weight and your choice for type of cremation.

Additional charges apply for same day/urgent appointments.