How Do Housecalls Work With COVID-19?

Veterinary care is considered an essential service during the pandemic, and both general practice and emergency veterinary clinics have been experiencing unprecedented demand during this time, leading to long wait times and restricted access to clinics. Housecall services come with an increased level of risk to veterinarians & staff, so we must continually decide how to adapt to the current situation, or whether to suspend home visits completely. We understand the increased need for veterinary care at this time, therefore we are currently choosing to continue providing housecalls during the global pandemic. As long as we all work together to minimize risks, we aim to increase our availability especially for sick pets and home euthanasia. The following protocols are set in place as precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. These protocols are subject to change based on the progression of the pandemic.

  • - All CANINE visits will be done outdoors with the dogs on leash. If the backyard is the best location for the visit, please have any gates unlocked prior to our arrival. We will NOT be entering the home as a "cut through" to the yard. In case of inclement weather, we would either postpone the appointment or revise our plan as determined together before the appointment time.
  • - All FELINE visits will be done with the cat secured in a cleaned room or bathroom closest to an entry point of your house, with any potential hiding places blocked off. Do not wait until our arrival to secure them in the chosen location - if you would like us to text you when we are on our way we are happy to do so. If the cat is not adequately contained and ready for our visit when we arrive, we will not proceed with the appointment and you will be responsible for charges equal to the housecall fee + exam/consult.
  • - All humans MUST wear face masks covering BOTH nose and mouth.
  • - All humans must maintain a minimum 6 ft distance from us at all times. Family members will NOT be permitted in the same room with us during cat visits - we will discuss the case outside the home first, then proceed directly to the cat for exam.
  • - The number of humans present during the visit should be minimized. Children and immunocompromised humans should not be present if at all possible.
  • - Clients must disclose BEFORE making an appointment if anyone in the home is sick with any potentially contagious illness, quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or is awaiting results from a recent test. If anyone in the home tests positive AFTER our appointment please contact us.
  • - We are strongly committed to Fear Free methods in veterinary care. While it is true that many dogs who are nervous with vet visits can be much more comfortable at home, with the current protocols necessitating distancing and face masks, even a home visit can still be scary for some dogs. If your dog is anxious with strangers or "doesn't like" the vet, please contact us ahead of time so that we can discuss in more detail and decide if a housecall is the best option for your dog.

All clients with scheduled appointments MUST confirm via email that you have read, understand, and will adhere to these protocols. If at any time during the appointment we find that you are not in compliance, we will not proceed with the appointment and you will be responsible for charges equal to the housecall fee + exam/consult.