dog euthanasia

home euthanasia

If your pet is facing a declining quality of life, we are here to support you. We can help you to decide if it is time to make that most difficult decision, and if so, we will help assist your pet in a gentle and peaceful passing. During euthanasia at home, you can expect:

  • the low stress, private environment of your own home where your pet will be surrounded by familiar smells and loved ones
  • sedation prior to euthanasia to allow a smooth and painless passing
  • arrangement for cremation services, with the option to have the ashes returned to you if desired
  • grief support resources for all family members

The goal of veterinary hospice care is to alleviate suffering for patients who have a progressive or terminal illness. It does not aim to cure the disease process, rather it allows for maintenance of comfort and quality of life for as long as is needed until the decision for humane euthanasia is made.

In veterinary hospice care, we work as a team with you to provide therapies such as adequate pain management and fluid therapy, and we can talk about environmental changes that could help your pet to function more comfortably at home. We discuss goals and priorities with you to form the best hospice treatment plan for your beloved furry family member. By providing these therapies on a house call basis, we are best able to keep your pet happy and comfortable for much time as they have remaining with us.

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*Please note*: We understand how hard it is to make this impossible decision and we do not take euthanasia lightly. Prior to scheduling home euthanasia for new patients, we require medical records from your regular veterinarian with documentation of your pet's diagnosis. If your pet has not had recent medical care, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your primary veterinarian for a professional assessment - identifying a diagnosis could reveal options for treatments that could improve your pet's quality of life, or it may confirm that euthanasia is truly the kindest option.

Our schedule tends to fill quickly, therefore we strongly recommend NOT waiting until the last minute to contact us for home euthanasia. To minimize stress for you and your pet during this emotional time, it is always best to have a plan well before it becomes an emergency. If you are experiencing an emergency situation (difficulty breathing, pale/white gums, severe pain, etc) please do not hesitate to seek care at the closest emergency hospital. We cannot guarantee same-day euthanasia for new patients.