Canine Rehab

physical rehabilitation

Pet rehabilitation and sports medicine is a rapidly growing field in veterinary medicine. Very similar to physical therapy in humans, rehabilitation in pets is critical for:

  • reaching athletic peaks
  • regaining strength after orthopedic surgery
  • re-learning coordination in neurologic conditions
  • maintaining function during the senior years

Just as our bodies feel better when we regularly go to the gym, any dog or cat would benefit from rehab therapy and conditioning!

Based on your pet's orthopedic and neurologic exams, I will make a targeted treatment plan that focuses on achieving your goals for your pet. I may use any of the following modalities to help relieve pain, increase strength and mobility, and restore function in your dog or cat:

Manual Therapies including massage, stretching, and joint mobilizations are used to improve comfort, flexibility, and range of motion.

TENS/NMES uses electrical signals to decrease pain and elicit rhythmic muscle contractions for strengthening.

Laser Therapy uses light energy to decrease inflammation and pain.

Acupuncture is the placement of thin needles at specific locations along nerve pathways and trigger points to relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and stimulate nerves.

Therapeutic Exercises will be a key part of your pet's rehabilitation plan, and are necessary to maximize improvements in strength and function.

During our visits we will also discuss things that you can do at home to give your pet the best chance at a speedy recovery and long-term comfort. Environmental changes, weight management, the use of assistive devices, and the use of traditional medications and supplements are all important parts of our overall rehabilitation plan.