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UPDATE: Our Wellness Programs are FULL! We are not currently accepting new clients seeking wellness care.

In order to provide the highest quality preventive care and personalized attention, we are now enrolling patients into our puppy, adult, and senior wellness programs.

The goal of wellness care is to keep our pets with us for longer! Treating health problems when identified early is generally cheaper, easier, and more successful compared to waiting until a patient is quite sick. Pets are excellent at hiding their illnesses from us, so routine checkups are the best way we can help them avoid illness.

Patients in our wellness programs will receive priority scheduling, free unlimited communication for questions that may arise between visits, and special discount pricing on all services and treatments provided by our doctor. For details on services and pricing for our wellness programs, please see our links:

Canine Wellness Program

Feline Wellness Program

We aim to help your pet enjoy many years of health and happiness! During routine visits, we are able to ensure that your friend is in tip-top shape. If your pet has a chronic condition, rechecks will allow us to maintain proper management of illness. Routine services can include:

  • physical examination: a thorough assessment of all body systems
  • vaccination: core and elective vaccines to prevent many major illnesses
  • microchip screening and placement: allows your pet to be identified and returned if missing
  • laboratory tests: comprehensive panels and specialized testing for health screening and management
  • dietary plans: advice on choosing an appropriate, balanced diet, in proper amounts
  • behavior consultation: evaluation in the home environment allows for personalized advice
  • senior care: management of arthritis and other chronic conditions, to keep your pet feeling young

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