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We are trying to locate some women who may have been exposed to rabies when they handled a rabid bat. It happened at about 4:30 pm last Thursday, Aug. 2, near the Austin Convention Center at 4th and Red River Streets. It may take at least several weeks for an infected person to show early symptoms, such as fever or headache. This changes quickly to nervous system signs such as confusion and sleepiness. Once it is at this stage, it is usually fatal, so it's critical to contact your doctor right away whenever you get bitten by an animal, especially a wild one.

Rabies isn’t as rare as we might think! Please make sure to keep your pets (even indoor cats) up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Not only is it the law, it saves lives! Contact us to schedule an appointment for your pets’ rabies boosters! 🐶 🐈

There are no words to describe this feeling of an utterly shattering loss. Noah was the most special dog ever, my vet school study buddy, my adventure partner and most loyal companion. I feel so lucky to have been loved by him. Thank you to everyone who has sent their love during his recent illnesses, it’s comforting to know how many other pet lovers understand this kind of pain. 💔 In going through my ancient MacBook I discovered tons of pre-iPhone photos and videos that brought back so many great memories. This one was our daily routine when living in Philadelphia... Noah would charge up the three flights of stairs after a walk and wait for me at the top. He thought it was hilarious when I’d slowly creep up and “get him”! Whether it was a roll in the grass, a sniff of the air, or people-watching on the stoop, Noah really enjoyed every moment of life. I will love him forever!! 🐾💗💕

Happy 13th birthday Noah!! Just ten days after surgery to remove his (benign!) liver masses, this guy is feeling strong and ready to party! 🎉🎂 Cheers to another year of health and happiness! 🐾🐾 . Thank you to @woofgangaustin for the delicious cake and @thelocalpostpub for hosting us (and slippin’ the old man a slice of bacon 🥓)! @ The Local Post Pub

We are so thankful for your patience this week as I’ve been in Dog Mom mode instead of Vet mode! My “soul mate dog” Noah was not himself, so we went to @avesvets where he was diagnosed with a bleeding liver tumor. With the help of our amazing support system, and after plenty of tears and uncertainty, we ultimately decided to pursue surgical explore to try to remove the masses and stop the bleeding. Today his surgery went very smoothly and he is recovering well! We are sooo grateful for his incredible team of doctors and techs who are taking such great care of him. We’re hoping for good biopsy results, but whatever the outcome I’m thrilled to have a little extra time to celebrate life with my best friend! 🐾💙

Noah didn’t seem too impressed with my magic trick... 🤷🏼‍♀️ Let’s have some Friday Fun - try your own #whatthefluffchallenge and be sure to tag us in your video!


A statement from our President & CEO Matt Bershadker on Delta Air Lines' policy to ban pit bulls.

Shame on you, Delta Air Lines!! Please know that ANY dog can bite. Positive reinforcement training and an understanding of dog behavior will help to keep our dogs of all breeds safe, healthy, and happy in any situation. We love our Pittie patients!! ❤️